K-Drama: Why I Dropped Encounter Halfway Through

I dropped the kdrama Encounter, despite it having some positive things going for it because I just couldn’t go on.

It was episode 9 when I dropped it, but I almost stopped during episode 1. This is because:

  1. Park Bo Gum’s hair. I mean way to take a generally attractive guy and make him look terrible.
  2. The scenarios that led to couple meeting were kind of ridic. Just too contrived.
  3. The leading lady is supposed to be this business mogul but she takes a sleeping pill then goes out in public. I mean what? Why? That’s really dumb. Then she loses her purse and doesn’t think to borrow a phone from someone to call the hotel *she owns* where someone would obviously come pick her up. Then she almost gets hurt because she’s tired and the leading man acts all helpful, but what if it hadn’t been him, the way she messed up she could have been a kidnapping victim or fish food by the end of the night. And then there is a missed connection because she ends up busy and can’t make an appointment, but she never thinks to call the place to say she’s running late. I mean my 8 year old could be a mogul if this is the level of attention to detail that they need to have.
  4. A scene at a beach in Havana where people are doing an entire dance routine in the background like Cuba is just one giant flash mob. It was just too eye rolling for me.
I am NOT a fan of this hair!

The things this show has going for it are:

  1. Park Go Bum’s famous smile, which he flashes thousands of times in this drama
  2. A sincere seeming romance
  3. Some likable supporting characters
  4. Great acting by the “villains”

But despite all this, I just couldn’t take it because:

  1. The plot is basically older rich women and younger poorer man which is good with me, although I can’t think of a k-drama that has pulled this off, so please let me know if you can think of one. The thing is even though the couple seemed sincere I just couldn’t root that hard for them. I am probably being unfair here and too hard on the female lead (versus male) but she just didn’t seem all that appealing to me. She was way too serious i.e. no fun and had “mom hair”/”professional bob” and her smiles all seemed forced. As a result, she seemed basically sexless to me, definitely not a lady who could steal the heart of a younger man.
  2. There were many factors in the way of the couples happiness and by episode 9 I realized that the show was more emo doom and gloom then sunshine and light. I wanted something happier and wasn’t invested enough in the couple to continue.

And speaking of Park Bo Gum, I just happened to google for something, I won’t say what, and came across this hilariousness from 2018:

LA Times Writer Mistakes Park Bo Gum And Song Joong Ki For A Gay Couple

He saw their Domino’s ad and thought they were the cutest couple.

I mean in his defense, I would have thought the same thing. Especially if I saw the other ads < click to here to see them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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