K-Drama: Her Private Life (1st Impressions)

I didn’t expect to like this drama as much as I do. I am not much of a fan girl, so I didn’t think I would relate to the plot. But I have been excited to see how Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are together. Her drunken scene in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is everything and who doesn’t love the Waffle Guy in Coffee Prince. And Robin’s post about the show got me hyped enough to start watching while it’s still airing instead of waiting til it ends so I can binge the episodes if it’s addictive. And now I cant’t wait for next weeks episodes.

So far this drama has just the right amount of comedy, intrigue and chemistry. I have not been able to guess episode to episode what would happen next with the leads, the gallery they work at or with the idol the leading lady is such a fan of.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far. The only things I am not a fangirl of (get it ha ha) are the dramas incorporation of love triangles and misunderstandings, which may have enlarged the script and increased the show count, but aren’t, in my opinion, adding anything beneficial to the plot. That said the show so far is great and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

6 thoughts on “K-Drama: Her Private Life (1st Impressions)

  1. I actually just caught up on all episodes last night. As a fan of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, I’m actually really enjoying this. It took me a few separate times to get through the first episode, but that was just my own hesitations as I had last seen Kim Jae Wook in Voice as the killer psychopath and it was a weird transition into rom com land. But I’m really liking him and Park Min Young, so it didn’t take long for me to adjust. I need to work on getting my own first impressions posted. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


    1. YW. I can only imagine how weird that transition was. I once saw Marcia Cross at my work after her Melrose Place days and had to remind myself that she wasn’t really a psycho who would light my house on fire if she was mad LOL.

      Looking forward to your first impressions posts and really all future posts from you!


  2. I’m glad you started up too, and are finding it equally enjoyable. I’ve always liked Kim Jae-wook and thought he needed more opportunities to showcase his more thoughtful acting style and this is just the vehicle. Watching Ryan watch Deok-mi, always thinking about her, her actions, her moods, and taking steps in so many little ways to keep her and her secret world safe is so delicious. Each of their intimate moments (real or imagined) illustrate their chemistry — I don’t care if it’s fan-service (just like much of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim), I’m a fan who’s very happy with the results.

    One of the many things I’m liking so far is the plot’s manipulation of the typical romance story “beats” (episode 1, X happens, episode 3, Y happens, and so on). The main story points in episodes 7 and 8 would (I think) happen a little further in a drama, so the writer is keeping me on my toes. I like being kept on my toes!


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