C-Drama: Pretty Li Hui Zhen (to finish or not to finish, that is the question)

Pretty Li Hui Zhen is the Chinese remake of K-drama She Was Pretty.

The reason I don’t if know if I should drop it or continue is because the plot is copied almost word for word from She Was Pretty, which I’ve already seen, so I feel like I’m re-watching the exact same drama again, except it’s approximately 30 episodes long. And it’s in Mandarin and the stars are different.

This version stars Dilraba and Peter Sheng. Dilbraba does a great job of acting and looking unpretty. She even walks funny. And it’s hard not to root for her. She also wears some of the ugliest clothing I’ve ever seen, so bad I can’t even look at her in some episodes.

Her co-star is Peter Sheng does a good job, but he’s a little too rigid for me, and let’s be honest, not many actors, Chinese or otherwise can do as good a job or better than Park Seo Joon. In my very biased opinion, Aaron Yan was meant for this role because he is the only one who could have rivaled Park’s k-drama performance. But sadly it didn’t happen amd bless his heart, Sheng did his best.

The question is, do I slog through approximately 15 more episodes because I really like Dilraba and want to see her makeover or do I call it a day because I have many other things to do to fill the time? Or maybe I skip to the last few episodes…


2 thoughts on “C-Drama: Pretty Li Hui Zhen (to finish or not to finish, that is the question)

  1. In a situation like this where you pretty much know how it will end, I’d say skip to the parts you want to see and call it a day! Plenty of better leading men in the “see” 😉


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