The Drama I’d Rather Have a Root Canal than Watch Again

Oh where to start…

I really like the actor Blue Lan. My opinion is that he is a talented actor who doesnt know how to pick non-action dramas to save his life, which is why most of his work rates between 6-7. So, if I want to watch anything with him in it, I have to lower my standards – a lot. This is exactly what I did when I watched Apple in My Eye which is Taiwanese and rated 7.

Honestly, the plot sounded akward as hell (i.e. quasi incestuous), but the main pic for it was cute, it sounded like something with some depth, with prospects for a happily ever after that would make my heart happy.

Plot (care of MDL):
The Zhou family has high hopes in giving birth to a son, but was disappointed when Zhou Ji Wei was born a girl, making her the third daughter in line. Because she was a disappointment to the family, she was only ever given hand me downs from her sisters. She felt no love from her family, but luckily she feels the love of a family from her neighbor especially Dai Nai Nai. There she meets her ‘brother’ Dai Yao Qi and follows him around trying to be the best sister ever, however he has never wanted to have a sister. As she tries her best to be close to him as his sister, she slowly realizes the feelings she holds for him are not love for a brother but something more.

As far as production value and acting goes, I think it was pretty good. Both leads did a great job! So why would I rather put up with a horrifying dentist visit than watch it again?

Reason 1) There are two love triangles. One is fairly normal where two females fight for the guy. The other is CRAY. The guy is a nutcase with violent tendencies.

Note: Spoilers ahead, ones you should read if you want to be saved from the nightmare of watching this drama.

Reason 2) After the pair were separated for a long amount of time due to misunderstandings etc etc, they finally met back up and their love started to blossom, and the 3rds in their love triangles were vanquished, and the only thing left to do was to get married and live a life of happy mediocrity together, BUT THEN they break up so the guy can save face or some such blather. The girl is heartbroken which makes me as a viewer heartbroken. Then the writers add insult to injury and hint that the girl ends up married to the other part of her love triangle, THE PSYCHO! I mean WHAT? SMH. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HOW IS THIS OK?

That was the ending I got after investing hours of my life into this drama, and getting excited that the end was close and the leads would finally be together. That ending left me so unfulfilled, and sad, and mad. WORST ENDING EVER.

One thought on “The Drama I’d Rather Have a Root Canal than Watch Again

  1. As I recall, when this first came out with subs I watched maaaaaybe the first 7 episodes and then gave it up cold turkey! (Normally, if a show’s going south for me I’ll watch the finale, just to put a bow on it — or shove a stake through it’s cold, demon heart 😉, but couldn’t be bothered.) Thanks for the choice validation!

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