K-Drama: I’m Not A Robot (9/10)

Robot Aji-3

I recently watched the Korean drama I’m Not a Robot which was cute, witty and compelling. I give it a 9/10 for these reasons and because I think it was perfectly executed.

It wasn’t technically flawless, but as a rom com with a generic formula that added in its own variables, it was thisclose.

It made me happy, made me laugh, and made my heart a little sad during the inevitable moments of conflict. The writing was good, and the leads were great.

The story is about a President of a company (yes, the oh so popular Chaebol) who is planning to demo an AI robot. Except the robot short circuits before the AI team can get it to him and in order to try to salvage the business the teams leader talks his ex girlfriend who the robots features were modeled after into pretending to be the robot.

The girl is not a fan of her ex-boyfriend or the Chaebol and has her own reasons for agreeing to the plot. Of course hijinks, drama and romance ensues, especially since the Chaebol has an allergy to people and can’t touch them with the exception of one. There is also a business related plot towards the second half of the series that is fairly interesting.

Special mention goes to lead actress Chae Soo Bin who did a fantastic job. Note: She has been good in everything she’s in, this included.

If you are one of the 5 k-drama fans who hasn’t seen I’m Not a Robot yet, you should watch it ASAP because you are missing out!

One thought on “K-Drama: I’m Not A Robot (9/10)

  1. I would agree that Chae Soobin is doing good work in most of her dramas lately (though I was less impressed with Fox Bride Star, mainly because of the direction/plot). It was a good outing for her and she had nice chemistry with Yoo Seung-ho.


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