C-Drama: About is Love (better than expected 8.1/10)

I recently watched the c-drama About is Love. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much. I actually thought I would likely change it after an episode or two based on the plotline and pics which looked really cheesy, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This drama wasn’t perfect and I will share why in a moment, but it passed my completely unscientific good drama test. It was addicting, I liked the main characters and I wanted them to be together.

The plot which either steals from a number of others or was stolen from is about a guy (young head of a company – of course) who can’t have physical contact with people, but finds someone who is an exception and tries to get her to help him treat his condition. Except he goes about it the wrong way and has to learn top be more considerate and apologetic in order to get what he wants. As a result they become friends and start to care more about each other.

What I liked: The lead girl is nice and had a backbone, the story has some cliches, but was generally unique, the lead guy is pretty lovable, and the story regarding the leads bff was good and added to the drama, instead of taking away from it. And I loved the old school video game scenes. (Note: It took me forever to figure out that the lead Yan Xi was a contestant on China’s Super Idol. I kept thinking he looked familiar, but couldn’t place him since he is a little older in this.)

What I’m so-so on: The fashion was ok. Most (not all) of the guys clothes were flattering and modern, but the girls usually looked like she dressed herself in the dark. There weren’t enough shirtless guy scenes, which was a shame because Yan Xi’s build was, in my opinion, the most attractive thing about him. And one of the supporting characters love stories kind of annoyed me because I believe in the “bro code,” and I think they broke it.

What I didn’t like: The lead girl was painted as an idiot (as so many Asian dramas do, a plot device that I as an intelligent female in a world filled with intelligent females HATE) even though most of her actions were pretty smart. Also, the leads took too long to figure out how they felt about eachother, since it was obvious, and the ending was pretty anti-climactic. I sat through at least 30 episodes to get there and expected that the investment would pay off in full, which it did not. It wasn’t the worst ending, but could have been so much better. I feel this is a trait of c-dramas since almost all of them have left me slightly unfulfilled at the end, maybe because I grew up on Disney where they always live happier ever after.

Overall I recommend this show, which will give you hours of mellow and pleasant entertainment.

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