What is the WORST drama you’ve ever seen?

I am VERY curious to know what drama you dropped almost immediately or kept watching even though you basically hated it? All comments welcome.

Mine was Rush to the Dead Summer, which is a c-drama from 2017.

The sad part is this drama has a high production value and the acting is pretty good, but I still hated it.

I think the kiss of death for any drama is unlikeable leads or supporting characters that are more likeable than the leads. That’s what what was wrong with this show.

I spent the whole drama trying to figure out why the lead was so special – and failing. She was fairly average, self absorbed and completely insensitive to her best friend. And maybe because of this, the best friend, although not perfect, was multi-dimensional, and an underdog, which made her more interesting to me.

I won’t give away the whole plot, just say it was a coming of age drama that started in high school (with actors that looked college age. sigh.) and showed their development as professionals. And as adults who, in my opinion, didnt always make the best decisions.

And as the drama came to an end, and a happily ever after seemed imminent for people I wasn’t that invested in, I lost complete and total interest in it, even loathed it a little and with 2 episodes to go, ditched it completely.

9 thoughts on “What is the WORST drama you’ve ever seen?

  1. Over the years there have been a few that fit the bill, but maybe one of the worst was “Ireland” with Hyun Bin. That one was a stinker from start to finish and I curse it for having used a horrible rendition of that Irish song about a boy (not gonna name it, you know which one) and it was the most painful of earworms. Then there are a few that were really, really good until they spoiled them in the LAST 10 minutes — no lie — “Money’s Warfare,” “Iris,” and “Lovers in Paris.” I still feel bitter.


    1. I’ve seen some not-so-flattering reviews of Ireland, and now it’s official, I will avoid watching it at all costs lol. You’ve also inspired me to do a post on the drama with the worst ending I’ve ever seen. TY.

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  2. Under the Black Moonlight. There are like 2 episodes. It started off okay…but then like it ended so bad. and the ending was confusing. I just didn’t like it….like at all.

    A Love So Beautiful is another one that just annoyed me. I mean it wasn’t bad. I actually liked it up until a point. I disliked the leading male so much I was so angry with the ending.

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    1. I promise not to try to watch Black Moonlight lol. I liked A LOve So Beautiful but I totally hear what you’re saying. I was rooting for the swimmer even though he was clearly the second lead (sacrificial lamb as one blogger ingeniously calls them) because I liked him better.


  3. See, I think that is my problem with it. I mean it was pretty good right up until the end. It was in my opinion very unlikely that after that long. The swimmer couldn’t manage to find a chance to really swoon her. I mean from my understanding, he was with her a lot of the time. 3 years is a long time. I mean I still watched it twice all the way through so I couldn’t have hated it that much.

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  4. I want to read the book. I did overall like the story. I think that is why I hate the love triangles in dramas so bad. I am always picking the wrong one. I think there are only like 3 dramas that I have ever rooted for the one who actually ends up together.

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