K-Drama: Thirty But Seventeen (8.2/10)

This 2018 drama from Korea is pretty good. I am not rating it as high as My Drama List does because there were a couple things I didn’t like. Overall I’d give it an 8.2/10.

The story itself was interesting, better than I thought it would be based on the summary I read before watching it.

I also liked all of the characters and thought the actors that played them did a good job.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a girl who goes into a coma when she is 17 and wakes up when she is 30 and tries to adapt to life as a 30y/o when she still feels like a teenager. She also doesn’t have any support when she wakes up and in trying to find some ends up in the orbit of two guys who are related to each other plus their friends etc.

Of course there was a love triangle, which was the vehicle that I think highlighted what I consider the main weaknesses of the show.

The weaknesses (in my opinion) were that the character Yoo Chan (support role) was actually a better fit for the main female protagonist Woo Seo Ri, played by Shin Hye Sun than her other suitor. Honestly if I just watched the montage of their times together I would have considered them to be a really strong k-drama couple. There was a reason they couldn’t be together without pushback so realistically I know why they were doomed to fail, but I ended up heart broken that they were.

I think this is because Ahn Hyo Seop who played Yoo Chan did an incredible job. He truly stole the show. I thought I might be alone in thinking this until I found out that he would be starring in Abyss with Park Bo Young who is one of my fav actresses. He must have wowed someone to get a role that coveted. (PS This is the upcoming show I am most excited about).

The other issue was that although actor Yang Se Jong did a great job playing the male lead Gong Woo Jin (tho technically if he just smiled his amazing smile through the whole thing I’d probably say the same thing lol), I don’t think the writers sold me on the romance between the leads. I got that they were attracted to each other, but they were soo emo all the time, especially building up to their confessions that they never seemed to have much fun together and I really didn’t get what else they saw in each other. I guess it was fate (eyeroll for that neverending cliche)

Other than that, and the fact that it could have been four episodes shorter without losing any depth, it really was a good show.

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