I am pretty sure my New Years Eve’s are cursed, and have been since one special, slightly crazy one that changed my life a while back. It was like the end of a k-drama, all fireworks, and hand holding and happiness, which sadly changed from that to war of the roses in the blink of an eye, and created the New Years Eve curse that just won’t go away.

This curse is how I found myself spending a News Years Eve at home, refusing to acknowledge it, and watching my first C-drama.

Of course, I was hooked because they are like crack (note: I’ve never done crack, but I am assuming crack and Asian dramas are equally addicting). I watched 30 episodes in one sitting, and wanted more when it was over. So in between work, my social life and child rearing (I have one amazing daughter who is my life, my bff and my frenemy rolled into one, since it’s just the two of us navigating this crazy life) I have managed to watch more, way more, and thought I should share my thoughts on them with anyone as addicted to Asian dramas as I am who cares to read them.

I am:

·        An American

·        A thirty something California girl (that doesnt
live in Cali anymore)

·       A f/t parent (as mentioned above)

·        A professional at well-known American organization

·        With a love of architecture, art, fashion,
politics, flowers and food

·        And a serious case of Peter Pan syndrome

All my insights are based on this, and the fact that I have never been to an Asian country, despite my daughters dad living in one for years now + my Instagram travels, so they may be slightly ethnocentric (sorry in advance!)

Hopefully I can help other addicts navigate the many shows that are out there in an entertaining way.

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