K-Drama: The Innocent Man (5/10)

I will start with a review of the Innocent Man, which is Korean. See the My Dramalist info here: https://mydramalist.com/4295-the-innocent-man.

My rating: 5 out of 10.

Why so low? One reason really. The main female character “Seo Eun Gi” could not have been more ridiculous. I couldn’t root for her. 1. She was mean to her adorable little brother – on purpose 2. She was an idiot, supposedly a business shark, but couldn’t tell if someone was conning her from a mile away. 3. She wasn’t cute at all for the first half of the movie. unless you think pale aliens are cute 4. The other female character, the one I guess I wasn’t supposed to cheer for was amazing and stole the show.

The pros. 1. It was hard to tell exactly where the plot would go so it kept me fairly interested. 2. Actress Park Shi Yeon was fantastic (see above). 3. The lead actor Song Joong Ki is really cute.

The Cons. 1. That vapid girl character. 2. Lead actor Song Joong Ki looked about 15 years old on the show, so even saying he was cute makes me feel like a cradle robber. And it’s hard to take a character seriously as a playboy/businessman/etc when he looks like he isn’t old enough for a drivers license yet. Oh, and the end is awful.

Watch if you like revenge plots and you dare.

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